The development of technology is growing rapidly , it can make  a change in  all section in society life, especially computer. The society in two thousand century want the all  sector to more be practical . Because of its importance  human being will be more selective in their  needs at the time.

Computer appeared in all section especially in information and comunication that many people aware how important the computer is, and also in education field, the important of the computer is significant so that recently Minister of Education include TIK be a compulsory subject in curriculum 2004   (KBK curiculum) . Not long after that, the new curriculum established, the KBK changed into KTSP Curriculum 2006.  In KTSP Curriculum, our goverment still applied TIK as a compulsory subject, it means that the goverment is aware how important is Computer to change our life. Therefore it started teach from the Junior High School, so that the students have at least basic skills about computer.

The most important benefit of computers is its practicability. A single machine allows students to calculate, to write essays and to search for information while listening music at the same time, it’s called multitasking. Computers have become an essential tool for students and without them, academic work would be wearying.

Many students choose Computer  Department to continue their study in University after the curriculum established, it’s not only students, many Department of Computer  are built , one of the reasons because there are many opportunities, one of them is to be  TIK teacher. The curriculum makes the new breath to the society because of the difficulty to find a job in our country. 

After so many students continued their study in University Education of Computer and computer college were built as soon as possible. We are surprised by the news in all media that Information Technology and Comunication or as we known as TIK will be eliminated in curiculum 2013, based on the tabel 1.2.

 It  means that there is no TIK lesson in the school and the students will be not taught TIK lesson anymore. What about with their job opportunity after graduated from the university, what are the effects if TIK lesson will be eliminated. The Minister of Education  said that “ The development of technology is growing rapidly, so that TIK lesson will be integrated in all lesson for the Junior High Students so the students will be known about technology more”.(jumpa pers(selasa13/11/2012). He added that in new curriculum, which meets the demands of the new era, that necessary to improve the quality of national education and it would be tested in a number of regions. South Sumatra is the second province for the public test of the curriculum after Yogyakarta.

            As a teacher i’m definitely agree and support his argument  about the all lesson will be integrated by TIK but not for now, perhaps for 5-10 years later, because this year our resources like man, money, materials,  methods, and machines are not ready to support the system. The government has requested Rp 171 billion ($18 million) to develop and implement in some months the national school curriculum and conduct teacher training in a long period, most of the teachers will not be ready to implement the new curriculum in a short time. I think the Minister of Education was in rush to decide this regulation , As we know before we decided some matters, we must make a plan and after that, doing the research by the all method like observation,interview, or library study while we know that this curriculum would be tested by this year.

            If the  Minister of Education would carry out tryout of the curriculum  by this year, it means so many risks will  appear in all field. On the  students side, they will be not taught TIK lesson anymore, it means that the student will never get material like  hardware, software, how to use the mouse, how to operate the office applications like Ms,word ,Ms.Excel ,Ms PowerPoint,how to use the internet to search for information, to download and so on. If the students never get the material how they will be  able to join the lesson that will be integrated in all lesson.

For the example, in my school SMP Negeri 2 Mendoyo in Jembrana got Excelent value “A” in acreditation, it means that the school accredited good, but not for the technology, as long as the curriculum KTSP  implemented until 2010 this school did not have any computer teacher, it means that the lesson not be taught by the teacher majoring at computer. We can imagine so many material still not yet taught to the students or disconnected because  the lack of experience  of the teacher since it is not their specialty.

 Because of the problems above, the Jembrana Regency opened the recruitment of PNS 2009 for  about 45 TIK teachers for Junior and Senior High Schools, so that in 2010 the specialized teacher from the right major teach at school especially in SMP Negeri 2 Mendoyo  and this is just one solution to solve the problem ,  as we know that for academic year  in  2012/2013 SMP Negeri 2 Mendoyo  have 1008 students by 27 classes, and we just have a lab computer  sized 12m x 9 m , with only  10 computers in a good condition. It means that 1 computer for 100 students, and by 27 classes it is imposibble to arrange the schedule for all classes, the class that used the lab just VIII grade and IX grade , where there were still 4 classes get the same schedule  and the average our students come from the mid – low economic , the students who have the personal computer were not more than 5 % ,  and this condition  just not happened in SMP Negeri 2 Mendoyo but almost all  schools in Jembrana. I am sure it also happens in every schools in Indonesia, so  we can get the conclude concerning the effects for our students skills  if the TIK lesson will be deleted in curiculum 2013.

This is the problem that we looked from the students side. What about  the teachers, we know how many TIK teachers in Indonesia ,  we can not  imagine , where they will apply for the job, and what about with the teacher recently got  certification. were their certification will be eliminated too?.  

There are many things to consider before we apply curriculum 2013

1.      How if effect  TIK Teachers, what kind of lesson  would they teach?

2.      How about the certified TIK teachers, as we know that the teacher who recently got the certification must be teach for 24 hours in a week on the linear subject

3.      How much the cost to train teachers  and prepare media technology information and comunication to implement the new curriculum?

4.      What about the books to implement the new curriculum? What if the books do not support the curriculum, it will be ambiguous.

5.      What about teachers who teach Mathematics, Science, Economics, English and so on, are they able to integrate their subject into TIK?

About the questions above, our Minister of Education has answered it, “He said that the TIK teachers do not need to be worried about our new curriculum, your certification never would be eliminated, and you can teach another lesson like Physics, Science and so on”.

            Again and again, the statement from our Minister was very simple, it’s imposible the certification would not be eliminated if the role  of certified  teacher must be teached 24 hours in a week on the linear lesson. What about our future of the young generation, as we know that the science and phisiycs were teached from the teacher by their field, still many students did not understand about it, what the effect if the lesson teached by the teachers which not in their specialization field of study.

The bottom line i would like to say that changing the previous curriculum with the 2013 curriculum is oversimplification, the problem is much more complex, so the new curriculum does not answer the problems ccompletely.  Finalist EEC Ganesha University 15 April 2013


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