I Love rain

I don’t know why.

Sometimes makes me happy.

But sometimes make me too sad.

I don’t know why


Many stories about rain.

Rain always reminds me about everything.

The story when I was a child, teenager, adult may be old.

Today in my village is raining.

The old stories play in my mind.


Remember about funny, sad  and  nice stories that never lost in my mind.

Thank you rain, with you my memory is back.


Jembrana 25-12-2020 (By: Ritapinang)





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  1. Amazing....
    Boleh masukan sedikit?
    Sometimes makes me..
    'Rain' sll dianggap singular noun, jd kt kerja yg mengikutinya v+s/es

  2. Maaf beri masukan. Ok selain verb +es, untuk i don't know why bukan kalimat tanya. Di bagian my little stories when i was a child bermakna ganda. Sarannya pakai the old stories/ cerita lama lgsg plays in my mind. Btw great job Mrs. Rita. Thumbs up for you.

  3. Waaw...amazing bu rita.. .
    Aq jg bnyk cerita ttng hujan..

  4. Make me rain
    I'll draw a story by the mouth of the water
    I will make a dam filled with love
    I will fill your soul with longing